Heavy! In 2021, the No. 1 Central Document will be released, proposing to continue to implement the dairy industry revitalization action! (Attach the full text)

Heavy! In 2021, the No. 1 Central Document will be released, proposing to continue to implement the dairy industry revitalization action! (Attach the full text)

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(Summary description)The “Proposal of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Formulating the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-term Goals for 2035”, which was reviewed and approved by the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, gave priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas in the new development stage. The overall plan for promoting rural revitalization has pointed out the direction for doing a good job in the "three rural" work at present and for a period of time in the future.

Heavy! In 2021, the No. 1 Central Document will be released, proposing to continue to implement the dairy industry revitalization action! (Attach the full text)

(Summary description)The “Proposal of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Formulating the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-term Goals for 2035”, which was reviewed and approved by the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, gave priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas in the new development stage. The overall plan for promoting rural revitalization has pointed out the direction for doing a good job in the "three rural" work at present and for a period of time in the future.

  • Categories:Industry news
  • Author:Xinhua News Agency
  • Origin:Xinhua News Agency
  • Time of issue:2021-02-21
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The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Comprehensive Promotion of Rural Revitalization
Opinions on accelerating the modernization of agriculture and rural areas
(January 4, 2021)

The “Proposal of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Formulating the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-term Goals for 2035”, which was reviewed and approved by the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, gave priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas in the new development stage. The overall plan for promoting rural revitalization has pointed out the direction for doing a good job in the "three rural" work at present and for a period of time in the future.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, significant progress has been made in the construction of modern agriculture, and rural revitalization has achieved a good start. The annual grain output has continuously remained above 1.3 trillion catties, and the per capita income of farmers has more than doubled from 2010. The task of poverty alleviation in the new era was completed as scheduled. Under the current standards, all the rural poor people were lifted out of poverty, all poor counties were decapitated, and the relocation of poverty alleviation and relocation tasks were completed. Absolute poverty and regional overall poverty were eliminated, creating a miracle in the history of human poverty reduction. . The living environment in rural areas has improved significantly, rural reforms are advancing in depth, rural society remains harmonious and stable, and rural areas will soon achieve the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way. New historic achievements in agricultural and rural development have played a "ballast stone" role for the party and the country to overcome various difficulties and obstacles and stabilize the overall situation of economic and social development. Practice has proved that the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core has made the right strategy of focusing on agriculture and strengthening agriculture. The party’s "three rural" policies have been heartily supported by hundreds of millions of farmers.

The "14th Five-Year Plan" period is the first five years of taking advantage of the momentum to embark on a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way and marching towards the second centenary goal. If the nation is to rejuvenate, the village must be rejuvenated. The most arduous and arduous task of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation still lies in the rural areas, and the broadest and deepest foundation still lies in the rural areas. To solve the problem of unbalanced and insufficient development, the key difficulty lies in the "three rural areas". It is urgent to make up for the shortcomings of agriculture and rural areas and promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas; to build a new development pattern, the potential stamina lies in the "three rural areas", and there is an urgent need to expand rural demand , To smooth the urban and rural economic cycle; to deal with various risks and challenges at home and abroad, the foundation is supported by the "three rural", and there is an urgent need to stabilize the basic agricultural market and maintain the foundation of the "three rural". The Party Central Committee believes that the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" in the new development stage is still extremely important. We must persist in taking the resolution of the “three rural issues” as the top priority of the whole party’s work, taking the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization as a major task for realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and using the power of the whole party and society to speed up the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, so that the majority Farmers live a better life.


1. General requirements


(1) Guiding ideology. Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Plenary Sessions of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, and coordinate the promotion of the "Five in One" "Overall layout, coordinate the promotion of the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, unswervingly implement the new development concept, adhere to the general keynote of the work of seeking progress while maintaining stability, insist on strengthening the party's overall leadership of the "three rural" work, and insist on the priority development of agriculture and rural areas. Persist in the integrated design and simultaneous advancement of agricultural modernization and rural modernization, adhere to innovation-driven development, take the promotion of high-quality development as the theme, coordinate development and safety, implement the requirements for accelerating the construction of a new development pattern, consolidate and improve the basic rural management system, and further promote agriculture Supply-side structural reforms put rural construction at an important position in the construction of socialist modernization, comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural industries, talents, culture, ecology, and organizations, give full play to the functions of agricultural product supply, ecological barriers, and cultural inheritance, and follow Chinese characteristics The road to socialist rural revitalization, accelerate the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, accelerate the formation of a new type of urban-rural relationship featuring mutual promotion of workers and farmers, complementation between urban and rural areas, coordinated development, and common prosperity. The modern socialist country has made a good start and provided strong support.

(2) Target tasks. In 2021, the structural reforms on the agricultural supply side will be further promoted. The sown area of ​​grain will remain stable and the output will reach more than 1.3 trillion catties. The pig industry will develop steadily. The quality of agricultural products and food safety will be further improved. The income of farmers will continue to grow faster than that of urban residents, and poverty will be lifted. The results of tackling tough problems continued to be consolidated. The agricultural and rural modernization plan was launched, the poverty alleviation policy system and working mechanism were effectively connected with rural revitalization, and the transition was smooth. Rural construction was fully launched, the rural residential environment was improved, the key tasks of rural reform were deepened, and the rural society remained harmonious and stable.

By 2025, important progress will be made in the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, the modernization of agricultural infrastructure will reach a new level, the facilitation of rural living facilities will be initially realized, and the level of equalization of basic public services in urban and rural areas will be significantly improved. The agricultural foundation is more stable, the supply of food and important agricultural products is more secure, the agricultural production structure and regional layout are significantly optimized, the agricultural quality, efficiency and competitiveness are significantly improved, a modern rural industrial system is basically formed, and regions with conditions are the first to basically realize agricultural modernization. The results of poverty alleviation have been consolidated and expanded, and the income gap between urban and rural residents has continued to narrow. Positive progress has been made in the green transformation of rural production and lifestyle, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has continued to decrease, and the rural ecological environment has been significantly improved. Significant results have been achieved in rural construction activities, the appearance of the countryside has undergone significant changes, the vitality of rural development has been fully stimulated, the level of rural civilization has been newly improved, the security of rural development has become more effective, and the sense of gain, happiness, and security of farmers has improved significantly.


2. Realize the effective connection between the consolidation and expansion of the results of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization


(3) Establish a transitional period for convergence. After the poverty alleviation goals and tasks are completed, a five-year transition period will be set up for counties that are out of poverty from the date of poverty alleviation, so as to help them get on the horse and send them off. During the transition period, maintain the overall stability of the current main assistance policies, optimize and adjust each item by category, reasonably grasp the rhythm, intensity and time limit, and gradually realize the smooth transition from centralized resources to support poverty alleviation to comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization, and promote the "three rural" work Historical shift in focus. We must promptly introduce specific implementation measures for the improvement and optimization of various policies to ensure that there are no gaps in the work and no blanks in the policies.

(4) Continue to consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation. Improve the dynamic monitoring and assistance mechanism for preventing the return to poverty, promptly detect and provide timely assistance to the poor who are prone to return to poverty, and maintain the bottom line of preventing large-scale return to poverty. Focus on large and medium-sized centralized resettlement areas, do a solid job of follow-up assistance for relocation, continue to increase employment and industrial support, continue to improve supporting infrastructure in resettlement areas, industrial park facilities, and public service facilities, and effectively improve community governance ability. Strengthen asset management and supervision of poverty alleviation projects.

(5) Continue to promote rural revitalization in poverty alleviated areas. Carry out the promotion action of characteristic planting and breeding industry in poverty alleviation areas, extensively carry out the docking activities of agricultural products production and marketing, and deepen the expansion of consumption assistance. Continue to do a good job in the export of organized labor services. Make overall plans to make good use of public welfare posts, and provide employment assistance to eligible persons with employment difficulties. In the field of agricultural and rural infrastructure construction, the work-for-work method is promoted to attract more people who have escaped from poverty and low-income people to find local employment. Focus on the construction of a number of regional and cross-regional major infrastructure projects in poverty alleviation areas. Increase support for rural revitalization in poverty-stricken counties. In the poverty alleviation counties in the western region, a batch of key national rural revitalization counties will be identified for centralized support. Support all localities to independently select some counties from poverty as key counties for rural revitalization. Insist and improve the cooperation and counterpart support between the east and the west, and the participation of social forces in assistance and other mechanisms.

(6) Strengthen normalized assistance for low-income population in rural areas. Carry out dynamic monitoring of rural low-income population, and implement hierarchical and classified assistance. For the rural low-income population with working ability, we will insist on developmental assistance to help them improve their endogenous development capabilities, develop industries, participate in employment, and rely on both hands to work hard to get rich. For those who have lost the ability to work and cannot obtain stable income through industrial employment, based on the existing social security system, they will be included in the scope of assistance and support for the rural subsistence allowances or extremely poor people according to the regulations, and timely special assistance and temporary assistance will be given according to the type of difficulty. Rescue.


3. Accelerate the modernization of agriculture


(7) Improve the ability to guarantee the supply of grain and important agricultural products. Local party committees and governments at all levels must earnestly shoulder their political responsibilities for food security and implement the same responsibility for food security. In-depth implementation of the important agricultural product protection strategy, improve the responsibility system of the governor for food security and the mayor responsibility system of the "vegetable basket" to ensure the safety of the supply of grain, cotton, oil, sugar, and meat. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) should stabilize the sown area of ​​grain and increase the yield per unit area. Strengthen the construction of functional areas for grain production and protection areas for the production of important agricultural products. Build a national food security industry belt. Stable subsidies for farmers who grow grain, so that grain growers have a reasonable profit. Adhere to and improve the minimum purchase price policy for rice and wheat, and improve the subsidy policy for corn and soybean producers. Deepen the adjustment of agricultural structure, promote the cultivation of varieties, quality improvement, brand building and standardized production. Encourage the development of high-quality forage fodder such as silage corn, stabilize soybean production, and take multiple measures to develop oilseed crops such as rape and peanuts. Improve the supporting policy system for major grain-producing counties. Expand the pilot scope of full cost insurance and income insurance for the three major food crops of rice, wheat, and corn, and support provinces where conditions permit to reduce the proportion of county-level subsidies for agricultural insurance premiums for the three major food crops in major grain-producing counties. In-depth advancement of high-quality grain projects. Accelerate the construction of a modern breeding system, protect the basic production capacity of live pigs, improve the long-term mechanism for the stable and orderly development of the live pig industry, actively develop the cattle and sheep industry, continue to implement the dairy industry revitalization action, and promote green and healthy aquatic breeding. Promote the construction and management reform of fishing ports. Promote the development of woody grains and oils and under-forest economy. Optimize the layout of agricultural products trade, implement the diversified strategy of agricultural products import, and support enterprises to integrate into the global agricultural product supply chain. Maintain a high-pressure situation in cracking down on the smuggling of key agricultural products. Strengthen port quarantine and prevention and control of invasive alien species. Carry out food conservation actions to reduce food loss and waste in production, distribution, processing, storage, and consumption.

(8) Fight the seed industry turnaround. Seeds are the foundation for agricultural modernization. Strengthen the protection, development and utilization of agricultural germplasm resources, speed up the third survey and collection of crop germplasm resources, livestock and poultry germplasm resources, and strengthen the construction of national crop, livestock, poultry and marine fishery biological germplasm resources. Provide long-term stable support for basic breeding research and key breeding projects. Speed ​​up the implementation of major scientific and technological projects in agricultural biological breeding. In-depth implementation of joint research on crops and improved livestock and poultry breeds. Implement a new round of livestock and poultry genetic improvement plan and modern seed industry upgrading project. Respect science, strict supervision, and orderly promote the industrial application of biological breeding. Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights in the breeding field. Support leading enterprises in the seed industry to establish a sound commercial breeding system, accelerate the construction of Southern Silicon Valley, strengthen the construction of seed production bases and improved seed breeding systems, study the development of major varieties and post-promotion subsidy policies, and promote the integrated development of breeding, breeding and promotion.

(9) Resolutely maintain the red line of 1.8 billion mu of arable land. Overall layout of ecological, agricultural, urban and other functional spaces, scientifically delimit various space management and control boundaries, and strictly implement land use control. Take measures to "grow teeth" and implement the most stringent farmland protection system. It is strictly forbidden to occupy cultivated land in violation of the laws of nature, afforestation and lake landscaping in violation of the laws of nature, strictly control the occupation of cultivated land for non-agricultural construction, and further promote the special rectification action for the illegal occupation of cultivated land in rural areas, and resolutely curb the "non-agriculturalization" of cultivated land and prevent "non-graining" ". Clarify the priority of arable land utilization. Permanent basic farmland is mainly used for grain production, especially ration production, and general arable land is mainly used for grain and cotton, oil, sugar, vegetable and other agricultural products and forage production. Clarify the different control objectives and intensity of arable land and permanent basic farmland, strictly control the conversion of arable land to forest land, garden land and other types of agricultural land, strengthen the supervision of land transfer use, and ensure that the quantity of arable land is not reduced and the quality is improved. Implement a new round of high-standard farmland construction plans, improve construction standards and quality, improve management and protection mechanisms, and raise construction funds through multiple channels. The central and local governments will jointly increase investment in the construction of high-standard farmland in the main grain producing areas, and build 100 million acres of drought and flood protection in 2021 , High-yield, stable-yield, high-standard farmland. The cultivated land added in the construction of high-standard farmland will be adjusted in the province as an indicator of the balance of occupation and compensation, and the proceeds will be used for the construction of high-standard farmland. Strengthen and improve the balance management of land occupation for construction, and strictly verify and supervise newly added cultivated land. Improve the monitoring and supervision mechanism of the quantity and quality of cultivated land, strengthen the supervision of cultivated land protection and law enforcement supervision, and carry out the assessment of the provincial government's cultivated land protection responsibility target during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period.

(10) Strengthen modern agricultural technology and material equipment support. Carry out the continuous construction and modernization of large and medium-sized irrigation districts. By 2025, all existing dangerous reservoirs will be eliminated and strengthened. Insist on self-reliance and self-reliance in agricultural science and technology, improve the stable support mechanism for basic research in the field of agricultural science and technology, deepen system reform, and lay out a number of innovation base platforms. Carry out in-depth scientific and technological support actions for rural revitalization. Support colleges and universities to provide intellectual services for rural revitalization. Strengthen the construction of a socialized service system for agricultural science and technology, and deepen the implementation of the science and technology commissioner system. Build a national tropical agricultural science center. Improve the ability of independent research and development of agricultural machinery and equipment, support the R&D and manufacturing of high-end intelligent, hilly and mountainous agricultural machinery equipment, increase purchase subsidies, and carry out agricultural machinery operation subsidies. Strengthen the construction of animal epidemic prevention and crop pest control systems to improve prevention and control capabilities.

(11) Constructing a modern rural industrial system. Relying on the unique and advantageous resources of the village, build the entire agricultural industry chain, keep the main body of the industry chain in the county seat, and let farmers share more of the value-added benefits of the industry. Accelerate the improvement of the modern agricultural industry chain standard system, promote the production of new agricultural business entities in accordance with the standards, and cultivate the "leader" of agricultural leading enterprise standards. Based on counties, we will lay out primary processing and intensive processing of characteristic agricultural products, and build modern agricultural industrial parks, strong agricultural industrial towns, and industrial clusters with advantageous characteristics. Promote the construction of non-profit agricultural products market and the backbone network of agricultural products circulation. Develop boutique routes for leisure agriculture and rural tourism, and improve supporting facilities. Promote the construction of demonstration parks and technology demonstration parks for the integrated development of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Take the agricultural modernization demonstration zone as an important starting point for promoting agricultural modernization, establish an index system, strengthen the integration of resources and policies, and develop the creation of counties (cities, districts) based on improving the modernization level of the agricultural industry system, production system, and management system. , To create about 500 demonstration zones by 2025, forming a pattern of cascading advancement of agricultural modernization. Create a modern forestry industry demonstration zone. Organize the "Ten Thousand Enterprises to Rejuvenate Ten Thousand Villages" campaign. Steadily advance the statistical accounting of agriculture and related industries that reflect the value of the entire industry chain.

(12) Promote the green development of agriculture. Implement the national black soil protection project and promote the mode of conservation farming. Improve the cropland fallow rotation system. Continue to promote the reduction and efficiency enhancement of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and promote green products and technologies for the prevention and control of crop diseases and insect pests. Strengthen the resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure. Comprehensively implement the comprehensive utilization of straw and the recycling of agricultural film and pesticide packaging, and strengthen the research and development and promotion of degradable agricultural film. Build a number of demonstration counties for comprehensive treatment of agricultural non-point source pollution in the Yangtze River Economic Zone and the Yellow River Basin. Support the construction of national agricultural green development pioneer areas. Strengthen the supervision of agricultural product quality and food safety, develop green agricultural products, organic agricultural products and geographically-indicated agricultural products, try out a certification system for edible agricultural products, and promote the creation of a national agricultural product quality and safety county. Strengthen the conservation of aquatic biological resources, promote the construction of fishery law enforcement capabilities focusing on the Yangtze River, ensure the effective implementation of the ten-year ban on fishing, and do a good job in ensuring the resettlement of fishermen who retreat. Develop water-saving agriculture and dry farming. Promote the comprehensive management of desertification, rocky desertification, slope farmland soil erosion and soil pollution control, groundwater protection and over-exploitation control in key areas. Implement water system connectivity and comprehensive improvement of rural water systems, and strengthen the system of long rivers and lakes. Consolidate the results of returning farmland to forests and grasslands, improve policies, and advance in an orderly manner. The forest chief system is implemented. Scientifically carry out large-scale land greening operations. Improve the grassland ecological protection subsidy and reward policy, comprehensively promote the prohibition of grazing and rotation grazing, strengthen the prevention and control of grassland rodents, and steadily restore the grassland ecological environment.

(13) Promote the construction of a modern agricultural management system. Focus on the two types of business entities, family farms and farmer cooperatives, and encourage the development of various forms of moderately large-scale operations. Implement the family farm cultivation plan to cultivate large-scale agricultural households into vigorous family farms. Promote the improvement of the quality of farmer cooperatives, and increase support for standardized farmer cooperatives. Develop and expand specialized agricultural social service organizations, and introduce advanced and applicable varieties, inputs, technologies, and equipment to small farmers. Support market entities to build regional comprehensive service centers for the entire agricultural industry chain. Support leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization to innovate and develop, grow bigger and stronger. We will deepen the comprehensive reform of supply and marketing cooperatives, carry out pilot projects for the "three-in-one" comprehensive cooperation of production, supply and marketing, and credit, and improve a comprehensive platform for serving farmers' production and life. Cultivate high-quality farmers, organize participation in skills evaluation, academic education, and set up skills competitions specifically for farmers. Attract urban talents from all walks of life to entrepreneurship and innovation in rural areas, participate in rural revitalization and modern agricultural construction.


4. Vigorously implement rural construction actions


(14) Speed ​​up the promotion of village planning. In 2021, the preparation of county-level land and space planning will be basically completed, and the layout of villages will be clarified. Actively and orderly promote the preparation of "multi-plan integration" practical village planning, and realize full coverage of village planning as soon as possible for villages with conditions and needs. For villages that have not been planned for the time being, the construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the use control and construction management requirements determined in the county and township territorial and spatial planning. The compilation of village planning should be based on the existing foundation, retain the characteristics of the village, and do not engage in large-scale demolition and large-scale construction. Carry out various constructions in an orderly manner in accordance with the plan, and strictly investigate and deal with violations of regulations and constructions. Improve the quality and safety laws and regulations and supervision system of rural housing construction, and complete the investigation and remediation of potential safety hazards within 3 years. Improve the construction standards and norms, and improve the design level and construction quality of rural houses. Continue to implement the renovation of rural dilapidated houses and the earthquake-resistant renovation of rural houses in fortified areas with high earthquake intensity. Strengthen the guidance of village styles and protect traditional villages, traditional houses and famous historical and cultural villages and towns. Strengthen the protection of cultural heritage relics in rural areas. Rural construction is built for the peasants. It must be tailored to local conditions, steadily and steadily, and engage in sports without the wind. Strictly regulate the withdrawal of villages, and must not go against the wishes of the farmers, force them to go upstairs, do good things well, and do practical things.

(15) Strengthen the construction of rural public infrastructure. Continue to focus on the construction of public infrastructure in rural areas, and strive to promote the coverage of villages and the extension of households. Implement unblocked roads in rural areas. Implement orderly access to hardened roads in natural villages (groups) with larger populations. Strengthen the construction of rural resource roads, industrial roads, tourist roads and main roads in the village. The promotion of rural road construction projects is more inclined to enter villages and households. Continue to support the development of rural roads in accordance with regulations through channels such as central vehicle purchase tax subsidies for local funds, refined oil tax reform transfer payments, and local government bonds. Continue to carry out the demonstration and establishment of the "Four Good Rural Roads". Fully implement the road chief system. Carry out the demonstration and creation of the integration of urban and rural transportation. Strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers of rural roads and bridges, and implement the main responsibility of management and maintenance. Strengthen the supervision of rural road traffic safety. Implement rural water supply guarantee projects. Strengthen the construction of stable water source projects and water source protection for small and medium-sized reservoirs, implement large-scale water supply project construction and small-scale project standardization, and promote the integration of urban and rural water supply in areas where conditions permit. By 2025, the rural tap water penetration rate will reach 88%. Improve the rural water tariff formation mechanism and the long-term project operation mechanism. Implement rural clean energy construction projects. Intensify the construction of rural power grids, and comprehensively consolidate and improve the level of rural power security. Promote the delivery of gas to the countryside and support the construction of safe and reliable rural gas storage tank stations and micro-pipe network gas supply systems. Develop rural biomass energy. Strengthen the clean utilization of coal. Implement the digital village construction and development project. Promote the simultaneous planning and construction of rural gigabit optical networks, fifth-generation mobile communications (5G), mobile Internet of Things, and cities. Improve the compensation mechanism for universal telecommunications services, and support the construction of information and communication infrastructure in rural and remote areas. Speed ​​up the construction of space-based facilities such as remote sensing satellites for agriculture and rural areas. Develop smart agriculture, establish an agricultural and rural big data system, and promote the in-depth integration of a new generation of information technology with agricultural production and operation. Improve the comprehensive monitoring network of agro-meteorological disasters and enhance the ability to prevent agrometeorological disasters Strengthen the digital and intelligent construction of rural public services and social governance. Implement village-level comprehensive service facility upgrade projects. Strengthen the construction of service facilities such as village-level passenger transport stations, culture and sports, and public lighting.

(16) Implement a five-year action to improve the rural human settlement environment. Promote the revolution in rural toilets in an orderly manner, accelerate the development of technologies and products for sanitary toilets in arid and cold areas, and strengthen the renovation of rural household toilets in the central and western regions. Coordinate the improvement of toilets in rural areas and the treatment of sewage and black and odorous water bodies, and construct sewage treatment facilities according to local conditions. Improve the collection, transportation and disposal system of rural domestic waste, promote source classification and reduction, resource treatment and utilization, and build a batch of organic waste comprehensive disposal and utilization facilities. Improve the management and protection mechanism of rural human settlement environment facilities. Promote integrated third-party governance of urban and rural sanitation in areas where conditions permit. Deepen the promotion of village cleaning and greening activities. Carry out demonstration and creation activities of beautiful livable villages and beautiful courtyards.

(17) Improve the level of basic public services in rural areas. Establish a balanced allocation mechanism for urban and rural public resources, strengthen the overall planning of rural basic public service supply, counties and villages, and gradually realize standard unification and system integration. Improve the quality of rural education, increase the supply of inclusive pre-school education resources in rural areas through multiple channels, continue to improve the conditions for running boarding schools in towns and villages, retain and run necessary small-scale rural schools, and build, renovate, and expand a number of high schools and middle schools in counties and central towns vocational school. Improve the guarantee mechanism for rural special education. Promote the exchange and rotation of principals and teachers of compulsory education schools in the county, and support the construction of an urban and rural school community. To meet the needs of farmers for employment and entrepreneurship, develop vocational and technical education and skills training, and build a batch of production-education integration bases. Carry out farming education. Speed ​​up the development of rural-oriented online education. Intensify the construction of agriculture-related colleges and universities, agriculture-related vocational colleges, and agriculture-related disciplines. Comprehensively promote the construction of healthy villages, improve the standardization of village clinics and the level of health management, promote the transformation of rural doctors into practicing (assistant) doctors, and improve the level of grassroots health services by means of stationing and patrolling. Improve the medical service capabilities of township health centers and select a batch of central health centers. Strengthen the construction of county-level hospitals, and continue to improve the capacity of county-level disease control institutions to respond to major epidemics and public health emergencies. Strengthen the construction of county-level close medical community, and implement budget management of total medical insurance. Strengthen health services for key groups such as women and children, the elderly, and the disabled. Improve the overall planning of urban and rural employment policies and service systems, and promote the extension of public employment service agencies to rural areas. In-depth implementation of the vocational skill improvement plan for the new generation of migrant workers. Improve the unified basic medical insurance system for urban and rural residents, reasonably raise government subsidies and personal payment standards, and improve the medical insurance and assistance systems for major diseases. Implement the basic pension insurance benefit determination and normal adjustment mechanism for urban and rural residents. Promote the overall development of the urban and rural subsistence allowance system, and gradually improve the quality of support services for the extremely poor. Strengthen care services for left-behind children and women in rural areas, the elderly, and children in need. Improve the three-level elderly care service network connecting counties and villages, promote the construction of old-age service facilities such as village-level happiness homes and day care centers, and develop inclusive old-age care services and mutual assistance in rural areas. Promote the construction of public welfare funeral facilities in rural areas. Promote the integrated construction of urban and rural public cultural service systems, and innovatively implement cultural projects that benefit the people.

(18) Promote rural consumption in an all-round way. Accelerate the improvement of the county and village three-level rural logistics system, transform and upgrade the rural delivery logistics infrastructure, and further promote the entry of e-commerce into the countryside and the exit of agricultural products into the city, and promote the effective connection of urban and rural production and consumption. Promote the replacement of durable consumer goods for rural residents. Accelerate the implementation of the construction of cold chain logistics facilities for the storage and preservation of agricultural products, and promote the construction of small-scale storage and preservation cold chain facilities in Tiantou, low-temperature direct sales and distribution centers at the origin, and national backbone cold-chain logistics bases. Improve the rural living service industry support policies, develop online and offline service outlets, promote the development of convenience, refinement, and quality, meet the needs of rural residents to upgrade their consumption, and attract urban residents to go to the countryside for consumption.

(19) Accelerate the integrated development of urban and rural areas within the county. Promote a new type of urbanization centered on people, and promote the coordinated development of large, medium and small cities and small towns. Regard the county as an important entry point for the development of urban-rural integration, strengthen overall planning and top-level design, eliminate the institutional drawbacks of urban-rural division, and speed up the establishment of an institutional channel for equal exchange of urban and rural elements and two-way flow. Coordinate the spatial layout of county industry, infrastructure, public services, basic farmland, ecological protection, urban development, and village distribution, strengthen the comprehensive service capabilities of the county, build towns and villages into regional centers serving farmers, and realize the complementarity of county and rural functions. Strengthen the county economy, undertake suitable industrial transfers, and cultivate pillar industries. Speed ​​up the development of small towns, improve infrastructure and public services, and give play to the role of small towns in connecting cities and serving the countryside. Promote the urbanization construction with counties as an important carrier, and build county towns in accordance with the standards of small cities in areas where conditions permit. Actively promote the expansion of power and strong towns, and plan to build a number of key towns. Carry out pilot projects for comprehensive land consolidation across the entire rural area. Promote the localization of rural migrant workers employed in counties and increase the supply of housing that meets the rigid needs of rural residents. Encourage localities to build back-home business parks and incubation training bases.

(20) Strengthen the investment guarantee for the priority development of agriculture and rural areas. Continue to make agriculture and rural areas a priority area for the general public budget. Investment in the central budget is further tilted towards agriculture and rural areas. Formulate and implement measures to increase the proportion of land transfer income used in agriculture and rural areas, and ensure that the proportion of land used in agriculture and rural areas is increased in accordance with regulations. All regions and departments should further improve the long-term mechanism for the overall planning and integration of agriculture-related funds. Support local governments to issue general bonds and special bonds for the construction of modern agricultural facilities and rural construction, formulate and issue operational guidelines, and do a good job of high-quality project reserves. Give full play to the leading role of financial investment, support the establishment of a rural revitalization fund in a market-oriented manner, leverage the participation of financial capital and social forces, and focus on supporting the development of rural industries. Persist in the purpose of serving agriculture and continue to deepen rural financial reforms. Use policy tools such as re-lending for supporting agriculture and small-scale enterprises and rediscounting, implement the most favorable deposit reserve ratio, increase support for financial institutions with institutional legal persons and business in county areas, and promote rural financial institutions to return to their original sources. Encourage banking financial institutions to establish internal institutions that serve rural revitalization. Clarify local government supervision and risk disposal responsibilities, and properly and standardize pilot projects for internal credit cooperation of farmer cooperatives. Maintain the overall stability of the legal person status and number of county-level rural financial institutions such as rural credit cooperatives, and do a good job in supervision and management, risk mitigation, and deepening reforms. Improve the governance structure and internal control mechanisms of agricultural financial institutions, and strengthen the supervisory responsibilities of financial supervisory departments. Support cities and counties to build a shared agricultural credit information database within the domain, and basically build a relatively complete new agricultural business entity credit system in three years. Develop rural digital inclusive finance. Vigorously develop small-sum credit loans for farmers, insurance policy pledge loans, agricultural machinery and greenhouse facilities mortgage loans. Encourage the development of exclusive financial products to support new agricultural business entities and new rural industries and new formats, and increase first loans and credit loans. Increase medium and long-term credit support for investment and financing of agricultural and rural infrastructure. Strengthen the quantitative assessment of the magnification of agricultural credit guarantees, and increase the scale of agricultural credit guarantees. Gradually expand the practice of subsidizing insurance for local superior and characteristic agricultural products to the whole country. Improve the agricultural reinsurance system. Give full play to the role of "insurance + futures" in serving the development of rural industries.

(21) Promote rural reforms in depth. Improve the rural property rights system and the market-oriented allocation mechanism of factors to fully stimulate the endogenous driving force of rural development. Persist in the unshakable collective ownership of rural land by farmers, adhere to the unshakable basic status of household contract management, orderly carry out the second round of land contract extension after the expiration of the 30-year trial, maintain the stability and long-term stability of rural land contract relations, and improve land management Rights transfer service system. Actively explore and implement the market entry system for rural collective operating construction land. Improve the policy of revitalizing the stock of rural construction land, implement negative list management, and give priority to ensuring the development of rural industries and rural construction land. According to the actual needs of the decentralized layout of rural leisure and tourism industries, explore flexible and diverse new ways of land supply. Strengthen the management of homesteads, steadily and prudently advance the reform of the rural homestead system, and explore effective ways to realize the separation of homestead ownership, qualification rights, and use rights. Standardize the daily registration and issuance of housing sites with integrated real estate and land. Standardize the link between the increase and decrease of urban and rural construction land, and improve the approval and implementation procedures, the adjustment of surplus indicators and the profit distribution mechanism. In 2021, the phased tasks of the reform of the rural collective property rights system will be basically completed, and the new rural collective economy will be developed and expanded. Guarantee the right to land contracting, the right to use homesteads, and the right to collective income distribution for farmers who settle in cities, and study and formulate specific methods for voluntary and paid transfers in accordance with the law. Strengthen the construction of rural property rights transfer and transaction and management information network platforms, and provide comprehensive transaction services. Accelerate the informatization of comprehensive administrative law enforcement in agriculture. Deepen the comprehensive reform of agricultural water prices. Continue to deepen the reform of the rural collective forest rights system.


5. Strengthen the Party's overall leadership over the "three rural" work


(22) Strengthen the working mechanism of the five-level secretary to promote rural revitalization. The depth, breadth, and difficulty of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization are no less than those of poverty alleviation, and more powerful measures must be taken to gather more powerful forces. It is necessary to thoroughly implement the "Regulations on Rural Work of the Communist Party of China," improve the rural work leadership system that is coordinated by the central government, the province is responsible for the overall responsibility, and the cities, counties and townships are implemented to implement the organization and promotion, element guarantees, policy support, and collaborative assistance formed in the poverty alleviation work. Work mechanisms such as support, assessment and supervision, etc., are used to promote rural revitalization according to actual needs, and establish a sound rural revitalization work system that connects from top to bottom, implements precise policies, and focuses on the end. The provincial, city, and county party committees must regularly study rural revitalization. The secretary of the county party committee should focus on the "three rural" work. To establish a contact point system for rural revitalization, the provincial, city, and county party committees and responsible comrades in the government must determine the contact points. Carry out county and village three-level party organization secretaries rural revitalization rotation training. Strengthen the party's leadership of rural talent work, incorporate the revitalization of rural talents into the overall deployment of the party committee's talent work, improve the talent training mechanism suitable for rural characteristics, and strengthen the incentives and constraints of talent service to rural areas. Accelerate the construction of a team of rural revitalization cadres with strong politics, skills, and style, select outstanding cadres to the front-line posts of rural revitalization, take rural revitalization as a broad stage for training and training cadres, and give priority to cadres who have outstanding performance in difficult areas and key positions. .

(23) Strengthen the construction of the party committee's rural work leading group and work organization. Give full play to the leading groups of party committees’ rural work at all levels to take the lead and coordinate the role of overall planning. Member units must solicit opinions from the leading group of rural work of the party committees and file for important agricultural policies. Around the "five major revitalization" goals and tasks, all localities should set up special groups or work teams led by responsible comrades of the party committee and the government, establish and implement accounts, and compact work responsibilities. Strengthen the functions of decision-making staff, overall coordination, policy guidance, implementation, supervision and inspection of the Office of the Party Committee’s Rural Work Leading Group, decompose the key tasks of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" every year, implement them to all responsible departments, and regularly schedule work progress. Strengthen the organization and staffing of the office of the Party Committee’s Rural Work Leading Group.

(Twenty-four) Strengthen the construction of the party's rural grassroots organizations and rural governance. Give full play to the leading role of rural grassroots party organizations, and continue to focus on party building to promote rural revitalization. Orderly carry out a centralized re-election of townships and villages, and select and match the leading groups of townships and villages, and members of the "two committees" of the village, especially the secretaries of the village party organization. In places where conditions permit, it is actively promoted that the secretary of the village party organization shall serve as the chairman of the village committee through statutory procedures, adapting measures to local conditions and avoiding “one size fits all”. At the same time as the election, the selection and selection of strong village affairs supervision committee members, the grass-roots discipline inspection and supervision organization strengthened communication and cooperation with the village affairs supervision committee, and effective connection. Resolutely punish corruption that violates the interests of farmers. Adhere to and improve the system of selecting and dispatching the first secretary and work team to key villages. Intensify efforts to recruit party members among outstanding rural youths, strengthen incentives and care for rural grassroots cadres, increase wages and subsidies, improve working and living conditions, and effectively help solve practical difficulties. Promote the standardized construction of village committees and the "Sunshine Project" for the disclosure of village affairs. Carry out the pilot demonstration work of rural governance. Create demonstration villages of democracy and rule of law, and cultivate demonstration households in rural areas of law-study and usage. Strengthen the construction of the rural people's mediation organization team and promote the resolution of conflicts and disputes on the spot. Deepen the construction of safe villages. Establish and improve a normalized mechanism for eradicating gangsters in rural areas. Strengthen the construction of county and village emergency management and fire safety system, and do a good job in risk assessment, monitoring and early warning, and emergency response to major events such as natural disasters, public health, and safety hazards.

(25) Strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization in rural areas in the new era. Carry forward and practice the core values ​​of socialism, and carry out in-depth learning and education of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in a way that farmers like to hear and see. Expand the construction of the civilization practice center in the new era, and deepen the mass spiritual civilization creation activities. Build strong and make good use of the county-level financial media center. Carry out in-depth "listen to the party, appreciate the party's favor, and follow the party" preaching activities in rural areas. Deeply excavate, inherit and innovate outstanding traditional local culture, combine protection and inheritance with development and utilization, and endow the Chinese farming civilization with a new era of connotation. Continue to promote rural customs and customs, promote points system, moral councils, red and white councils, etc., increase high-price beauties, comparisons of human sentiments, thick burial and thin support, extravagance and waste, feudal superstition and other bad practices, and promote the formation of civilized rural customs and good homes. Wind, simple folk customs. Intensify the crackdown on illegal religious activities in rural areas and overseas infiltration activities, and stop the use of religion to interfere with rural public affairs in accordance with the law. Make a good harvest festival for Chinese farmers.

(26) Improve the implementation mechanism of rural revitalization assessment. The party committees and governments of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) report annually to the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the progress of implementing the rural revitalization strategy. Carry out the evaluation of the rural revitalization performance of the city and county party and government leadership groups and leading cadres, incorporate the comprehensive evaluation content of the party and government leadership groups and leading cadres, strengthen the application of the evaluation results, and focus on the promotion and use of city and county party and government leading cadres with outstanding achievements in rural revitalization. The main responsible comrades of the city and county party committees and governments that are behind in the assessment rankings and ineffective in performing their duties shall be interviewed, and a normalized interview mechanism shall be established. Consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation into the assessment of rural revitalization. Strengthen the supervision of rural revitalization, innovate and improve supervision methods, discover and solve existing problems in a timely manner, and promote the implementation of policies and measures. Continue to rectify formalism and bureaucracy, and incorporate the reduction of unreasonable burdens on village-level organizations into the key content of the central government's basic-level burden reduction supervision. Persist in seeking truth from facts, administering according to law, and grasp the timeliness and effectiveness of various work in rural areas. Strengthen the promotion of rural revitalization, and create a strong atmosphere in the whole society to jointly promote rural revitalization.

Let us closely unite around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, forge ahead, do hard work, comprehensively promote rural revitalization, accelerate agricultural and rural modernization, and strive to create a new situation in the "three rural" work for the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country. Achieve the second centenary goal and make new contributions!

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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