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IBME Series Automatic Injection Blow Molding Machine

The machine is a one-step automatic molding equipment, with single row multi-mode cavity and double row multi-mode cavity series. It is suitable for PET, PC, PP and other thermoplastic plastics, and is widely used in manufacturing packaging bottles for medicine, health care products, cosmetics and other industries. The equipment adopts four position rotary device, hot runner system and multi-stage injection molding system. The four positions of injection molding, temperature regulation, stretch blow molding and product removal act at the same time to ensure efficient and energy-saving operation of the equipment. It is the preferred equipment for modern production 


名   称 ISBM 120 ISBM 400 ISBM 450 ISBM 500 ISBM 1000
主螺杆直径 Φ40mm Φ60mm Φ60-65mm Φ60mm Φ70mm
最大注射容器 120cm3 400cm3 450~550cm3 500cm3 1000cm3
注模合模力 130kN 360kN 600kN 700kN 700kN
吹模合模力 130kN 250kN 300kN 400kN 400kN
吹模开模距离 75+75mm 70+70mm 150+220mm 200+310mm 52.5+52.5mm
转盘开模高度 205mm 230mm 235mm 260mm 260mm


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