Technology Innovation

Innovative Concept,

Leading Technology

      We deeply feel that the technology innovation is the soul of the enterprise, therefore we pursue to the technology innovation consecutively, thus the investment of over 5% of the annual sales revenue to the research and development is essential to our continuous technology innovation. Piloted by the R&D mode of “One generation in production, one generation in development and one generation in reservation”, it shall provide the endless power resource for the long term ongoing development of Zhongya. 
       Powered by the technology innovation as the central driving force, we are endeavoring to build up the industry first-class technology research and development center. And with the settle down of China Dairy Packaging Machinery R&D Center and China Food Packaging Machinery R&D Center in Zhongya, they will contribute to our synchronization with the concept of development for the packaging technology in the world.
     Instead of copinism, the innovation is the achievement from the accumulation after self-development. Keep in mind to respect the IPR of others, we also highly preserve our own IPR, from the patents of utility model, the patents of invention, to PCT patent application, each of the application represents the hard work of our scientific and technical engineers and each issue of the patent expresses our infinite respect toward the knowledge. 
     Zhongya has actively participated into the stipulation of national standards, and so far there are nineteen national standards and industry standards of which the preparation and stipulation are participated by Zhongya as the key drafter, in doing so we offer the efforts in our own way to contribute the development and standardization for national industry. 


Standard(GB) and Industry Standard Compiled by Zhongya as Key Drafter

Standard number

Standard name

GB/T 24571-2009 

Aseptic PET bottles cold-filling line 

GB/T 26994-2011

Plastic Cup Forming Filling Sealing Machine

GB/T 24570-2009 

Aseptic Bag Forming Filling Sealing Machine

GB/T 19063-2009 

Acceptance Specification Of Packaging Equipment For Liquid Food

GB/T 33467-2016

General specification for automatic blowing-filling-capping bloc

GB/T 38463-2020

General Specification for Ultraclean Plastic Bottle Filling Machine

GB/T 29648-2013

 Automatic Rotary PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine

GB/T 33468-2016

Automatic One Stage Injection Stretch And Blow Molding Machine

GB/T 33471-2016

 Automatic Cardboard Sleeve Type Wrapping Machine

GB/T 33753-2017

General specification for rotary automatic filling-capping machine for high viscosity fluid 

GB/T 38461-2020

 Blow Mould For PET Bottle In Food Field

GB/T 24570-2009 

 Aseptic Bag Forming Filling Sealing Machine