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EBME Series Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

The equipment is suitable for the container production of PE, PP and other copolymers as raw materials, and is widely used in daily chemical, lubricating oil, food, chemical, beverage and other industries. The machine adopts the international advanced all electric energy-saving design concept. The raw material plasticizing, extrusion, mold moving and closing, and blow molding are all driven by high-performance servo motor, which completely replaces the traditional hydraulic driving technology. It is an excellent equipment for modern industrial production with energy saving and environmental protection.



名   称 EBM 60E EBM 120E EBM 180E
主螺杆直径 Φ50mm / Φ60mm / Φ70mm Φ60mm / Φ70mm / Φ80mm Φ70mm / Φ80mm / Φ90mm
螺杆长径比 25:1 25:1 25:1
螺杆转速 35~85r/min 35~85r/min 35~85r/min
挤 出 量 55Kg/h - 85Kg/h - 130Kg/h 85Kg/h - 130Kg/h - 160Kg/h 130Kg/ h - 160Kg/h - 270Kg/h
机筒加热段 3 / 3 / 3 3 / 3 / 4 3 / 4 / 4
移模行程 460mm 560mm 720mm
开模行程 2x70mm 2x120mm 2x120mm
最大锁模力 60kN 120kN 180kN
最大模具尺寸 450x300mm 550x400mm 710x400mm
模具厚度 190mm 220mm 240mm


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