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IBM Series Automatic Injection Blow Molding Machine

The machine is a one-step full-automatic injection blow molding equipment, which is suitable for processing PE, PP, PS, San, PMMA, PC, PETG, PEN and other thermoplastic plastics. It is widely used in manufacturing packaging bottles for medicine, health care products, food and beverage, cosmetics and other industries. The equipment uses the first mock exam technology, the horizontal three position rotary device, the hot runner system and the multistage injection molding system. The injection molding, blow molding and demoulding three position simultaneously act to ensure the efficient and energy-saving operation of the equipment, ensure the bottle mouth is smooth, the inside and outside diameters of the bottlenecks and the thread accuracy are high, and no waste material is the standard equipment for modern and environment-friendly production.  


名   称 IBM 250/450 IBM 300/700 IBM 500/1350 IBM 500/1890
主螺杆直径 Φ45mm Φ55mm Φ70mm Φ70mm
最大注射容器 250cm3 300cm3 500cm3 500cm3
注模合模力 460kN 700kN 1250kN 1790kN
吹模合模力 75kN 110kN 200kN 200kN
制品最大直径 100mm 100mm 100mm 120mm
制品最大长度 200mm 200mm 200mm 250mm


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