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DABL Series Automatic Sterile Plastic Bottle Filling And Capping Machine

DABL series equipment is suitable for plastic bottle aseptic packaging of neutral and acid liquid food. It is used for UHT milk, NFC fresh juice, normal temperature yoghurt, coffee drinks, milk drinks, tea drinks and other high-end liquid foods. The whole machine can automatically complete bottle feeding, bottle taking and placing, bottle conveying, bottle sterilization and drying, quantitative filling and capping, lid sterilization and drying, capping, capping, bottle taking and placing, and finished product conveying. Compared with the traditional rotary aseptic filling equipment, it adopts advanced dry sterilization technology and linear stepping equipment structure, which greatly reduces the floor area and operation energy consumption. It is the preferred equipment for aseptic packaging of bottled liquid.


型  号   DGDA-6F DGDA-10F DGDA-20F
生产能力 8000-10000杯/小时 15000-16000杯/小时 30000-32000杯/小时
灌装温度 10℃-65℃ 10℃-65℃ 10℃- 65℃
灌装容量 100ml - 500ml 100ml - 500ml 100ml - 500ml
灌装精度 ≤ ±1ml ≤ ±1ml ≤ ±1ml
果粒尺寸 3*3*3mm(可以定制大果粒) 3*3*3mm(可以定制大果粒) 3*3*3mm(可以定制大果粒)
杯口尺寸 ≤ 84mm(可以定制超大杯口) ≤ 84mm(可以定制超大杯口) ≤ 84mm(可以定制超大杯口)
封口方式 单片铝膜热封 单片膜铝热封 单片铝膜热封
封口合格率 ≥99.95% (塑杯及盖膜符合设备要求) ≥99.95% (塑杯及盖膜符合设备要求) ≥99.95% (塑杯及盖膜符合设备要求)
气源压力 ≥ 0.75MPa ≥ 0.75MPa ≥ 0.75MPa
主机外形尺寸 10250mm x 4080mm x 4880mm 10250mm x 4580mm x 4880mm 13280mm x 4580mm x 4880mm
主机重量(约) 9t 12t 15t


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