Our Advantage 

Over 33 years of development, Zhongya has become the powerful brand in packaging machinery industry and ensured the leading position in it’s dedicating fields in the industry.



Advantage No 1

R&D center focuses on international frontier science and technology, covering diverse fields from mechanic structure, automation control, biological engineering and chemical etc, and incorporating rich technology accumulation, continuous deep research and unique core technology, to transform customer request into reality from time to time.



Advantage No 2

Zhongya is one of the key drafter for a few National Standards and Industry Standards, and is also the bearer for key technology projects, leading the orientation of technology development in the industry. Standards are closely connected to the development direction of the industry in future, and the participation of several standards as the key drafter has demonstrated thoroughly the leading position the company secured in the industry.



Advantage No 3

The product portfolio of over hundred models from 11 categories, fully overs the main production process from forming (bottle blowing), filling, sealing (cutting), and end of line packaging, and is applicable to the packaging format for various plastic vessels within 20L including various plastic cup, plastic box, plastic pouch, plastic bottle and plastic barrel, satisfying sufficiently the customer requirements for creative packaging style.



Advantage No 4

The company enjoys nearly 100 sets of advanced precision machining equipment and detection equipment, and is equipped with DNC distributed NC transmission system, which constitute the industry-leading information-controlled machining equipment group to ensure that 95% of mechanical elements are manufactured inland and the production flexibility is high at the premise of guaranteed element quality, so that the emergency delivery request from the customer could be responded.



Advantage No 5

Depending on years of business accumulation, Zhongya has established long term cooperation relationship with giants in downstream industry, their wide selection and utilization of our product has indicated that the technology advantage and product quality of our company are acknowledged and trusted in the industry, and it has secured the healthy and stable development of the company consecutively.