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EBM Series Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

This machine is applicable to the production of containers made of copolymers material such as PE and PP etc. It is widely used in the application for the household chemicals, lubricant, food, chemicals, and beverage industries etc. Adopting the international advanced platform structure design, this machine could carry the extrusion system with upto 12 die heads and upto five-layer co-extrusion, with optional advanced neck-to-neck bottle blowing device. Automatically accomplishing the functions of material plasticizing, extruding, blowing and molding, deflashing, mouth cutting and product conveying etc., it is the advanced equipment with high added value for container production.




EBM 80 EBM 120 EBM 2005 EBM 240

Main screw diameter

Φ60mm/Φ70mm Φ60mm / Φ70mm / Φ80mm Φ80mm / Φ90mm Φ80mm/Φ90mm

Screw length/diameter ratio

25:1 25:1 25:1 25:1

Screw revolution

35~80r/min 35~85r/min 35~85r/min 35~85r/min

Extrusion volume

85Kg/h - 130Kg/h 85Kg/h -130Kg/h - 160Kg/h 160Kg/h - 210Kg/h 160Kg/h - 210Kg/h

Barrel heating section

3 3 / 3 / 4 4 4

Mold transfer stroke

500mm 560mm 760mm 900mm

Mold clamp stroke

240mm 2x120mm 2x130mm 2x130mm

Max. mold locking force

80kN 120kN 200kN 240kN

Max. mold dimension

490 x 400mm 550 x 400mm 750 x 400mm 880 x 400mm

Min. mold thickness

220mm 220mm 290mm 290mm


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