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 These machines are applicable to the transparent packaging of various beverages, butter, cheese, sauce, seasoning, water, etc. with the plastic sheet made of PET and PP etc, and could automatically accomplish the whole process of plastic cup forming, filling, sealing, cutting and product transportation. Equipped with world famous top brands systems of servo drive, PLC, HMI, temperature control, photoelectric control, pneumatic control, automatic lubrication, etc., these machines are the full-automatic equipments for high-quality, high-efficiency and low power consumption production in modern enterprises.



The integrated combined cutting mold made by high grade die steel has long service life. The mold is designed base on quick changeover concept. It can realize the different cutting modes of one-pack cup, two-pack cups, four-pack cups and six-pack cups through simple adjustment.
Online fruit lump (fruit jam), essence dynamic mixing devices could guarantee the uniform mixture of fruit lump and material and the low break rate of fruit lump. This device can process the dynamic mixture and distribution of maximumly four types of fruit lump and essence at same time.
Using latest movement control technology, the main working positions are driven by servo motor. The movement of all working positions is optimized in synchronism and flexibility, and the operation of the machine is more stable and the capacity is higher.


Unique separated dosing filling system. The application of the latest type rotary valve and valve body features high filling accuracy and minimizes the shear force against the material during filling process, and the viscosity of the material is protected accordingly.
Photoelectric inspection and servo controlled deviation rectifying system guarantees the accuracy of the forming, cutting stations.
The machine can be equipped with non-stop film splicing ( sealing film and sheet ) device to enhance the efficiency of the machine adequately.
Integrated CIP device guarantees the pipes, valves, valve body and pistons which contact the material can be fully cleaned by rinsing, and are in accordance with hygienic standard.
Optional hot filling function for the filling system, which is applicable to the filling of viscous material.
The forming and filling air is protected under positive pressure by the cleaned air from class 100 laminar flow system to improve the hygienic standard and shelf life of the product.

Technical Data

Series Model
9000 c/h
15000 c/h
30000 c/h
30000 c/h
Filling Material
Water, butter, cheese, fruit jam, chocolate, syrup etc.
Total Power
Operation Power
Cups per step
Main Drive
Servo Drag
Servo Drag
Servo Drag
Servo Drag
Fruit & Flavour Dyn. Mix.
High-Temperature Filling

* According to the different characteristics of products, the capacity will be different.

* Parameters and functions are subject to change without further notice.

* The “●”in the table means the function in this series is available, while “○”means unavailable