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GFRSeries Automatic Plastic Bottle Rotary Filling and Sealing Equipment

GFR series of equipment is suitable for the packaging of milk, lactic acid bacteria beverage, milk beverage, juice and other materials. It can automatically complete vacuum filling, capping, capping, high frequency sealing and finished product delivery. The equipment is suitable for all kinds of PE, PP and other plastic packaging containers. The programmable logic control, man-machine interface, drive, temperature control, photoelectric, pneumatic control, automatic lubrication and other systems of the equipment are all international famous brands. This series of equipment can be equipped with 100 level laminar flow protection system, high temperature filling system, etc., and can be connected with bottle arranging machine, bottle washing machine, tunnel sterilizer, label shrinking machine, capping machine and secondary packaging equipment to form a full-automatic high-speed production line.
GFR 18-250GFR 18-250 GFR 32-100GFR 32-100 GFR 32-460 GFR 40-500
产  量 15000 b/h (100m)15000 b/h (100m) 8000 b/h (100m) 27600 b/h (100m) 32000 b/h (100m)
容  量 80-500 (ml) 500-1000 (ml) 80-500 (ml) 80-500 (ml)
灌装头数 18 32 32 40
热封头数 18 32 32 40


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