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UGF Series Automatic Super Clean Plastic Bottle Filling and Capping Machine

It is used for the production of fresh milk, yoghurt, juice, milk beverage, sauce, edible oil, daily chemicals and other liquid products. The equipment is suitable for all kinds of PET, PE, PP and other plastic packaging containers. According to different health levels, the equipment has super clean and clean versions. It can automatically complete bottle feeding, ion dedusting, bottle sterilization, filling (weighing or flow meter), capping and sealing Aluminum film high-frequency (electrothermal) sealing, can also use screw cap sealing, plastic bottle transmission mode has different ways to adapt to different bottle type production needs, the equipment has a key switching function, all kinds of bottle type switching production is realized on the touch screen.


DUBL 10/10DUBL 10/10 DUBL 10/10DUBL 20/20 DUBL 10/10DUBL 28/28
容  量 100-500ml (特殊容量可以定制 C ustomized Volume Available)100-500ml (特殊容量可以定制 C ustomized Volume Available)
产  量 10000 b/h (350ml) 20000 b/h (350ml) 28000 b/h (350ml)
灌装头数 10 20 28
拧盖头数 10 20 28


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