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Linear Ultra Clean Type Plastic Bottle Filling Capping (Sealing) Equipment

直线式超洁净型塑瓶灌装拧盖 ( 封口 ) 设备

  DUBL Series equipment could automatically accomplish bottle unscrambling, bottle input, bottle picking, volumetric filling ( fruit dynamic mix) , cap transport, cap screwing ( sealing) , bottle output and product transport. With the optional independent clean chamber, bottle inside sterilization and cap inside sterilization function, the ultra clean type equipment could reach near LOG3 reduction in sterilization efficiency, effectively prolonging the product hygiene standard and shelf life. With the linear module design, these series equipments are easy for combination and extension, high in entire machine hygiene level, and especially suitable to the high sensitive production of neutral and low- acid products.


直线式超洁净型塑瓶灌装拧盖 ( 封口 ) 设备

Advanced dry sterilization technology, involving both hydrogen peroxide atomizing spraying and clean hot air drying inside the bottle, accomplishing filling, cap applying (lid), cap screwing (hot sealing) process etc, ensuring quality of filling liquid and prolonging product shelf life and hygiene standard level.
Bottle neck positioning technology by mold plate opening and closing, adopting unique bottle positioning structure of bottle neck holding by mold plate opening and closing, applicable for filling of various bottles which are equal in bottle neck but different in volume and shape, high compatibility, less quick changeover pieces upon bottle format changeover, easy and convenient, and improving production efficiency.
Servo driven magnetic cap screwing technology, eliminating tradition cam guidance mechanism for rotary cap screwing, main transmission of capping station driven by servo motor, multi-shaft intermittent capping, simple in structure, high stability, long service life, continuous adjustable magnetic torque of capping head and ensuring fastness of cap screwing.
Upon different requests in the market, the plastic cap screwing, single lid hot sealing and online Alu.-lid forming and applying methods are optional for the product sealing.
Optional intensive UV sterilization system for plastic cap or single lid, improving effectively product quality in association with advanced bottle inside dry sterilization technology.
Alu.-lid online forming and applying technology, which adopts one set of lid forming system and one set of lid sliding device, uses the rail to pick lid and separate lid in rotation, and make the lid locate at equal distance. With the robot arm for bottle picking and feeding, the lid forming and separating problems related to multi-lid applying are solved, improving running reliability of equipment.

Technical Data

Series Model
DUBL 10/10
DUBL 20/20
DUBL 28/28
100-500ml (Customized Volume Available)
10000 b/h (350ml)
20000 b/h (350ml)
28000 b/h (350ml)
Filling Head
Capping Head

* According to the different characteristics of products, the capacity will be different.

* Parameters and functions are subject to change without further notice.


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