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Aseptic soft packaging molding filling, sealing and cutting equipment

Aseptic Soft-packaging Forming Filling Sealing Equipment


DASB series equipment is suitable for aseptic packaging of all kinds of fresh milk, yogurt, flavored milk, soy milk, fruit juice and other materials. It can automatically complete plastic bag sterilization, molding, aseptic filling, sealing and cutting and finished product transportation. This series of equipment can be applied to a variety of composite plastic film and aluminum-plastic, paper-plastic composite packaging materials. The main components of the equipment are internationally renowned brands, with stable operation, high sterilization efficiency, and low energy consumption. They are advanced equipment for the production of long-acting aseptic products.

The advanced double-sided independent aseptic tank and bag forming and filling system design can realize the simultaneous production of two different specifications of products, or single-sided independent operation.
The packaging material drag adopts three-stage fixed-length traction technology, and adopts servo drive and photoelectric positioning. The traction length is accurate, the packaging material is not easily deformed, and it is suitable for the production of products of various sizes.
The packaging materials are immersed and sterilized in a W-shaped motion in the H2O2 warehouse and dried by sterile hot air to ensure the sterilization effect of the packaging materials.
The aseptic chamber adopts H2O2 spray sterilization, high-intensity ultraviolet sterilization and aseptic air replacement technology to ensure that the aseptic state in the aseptic chamber is constant.
The sealing and cutting system is driven by a servo motor, with stable operation and high accuracy, which fully ensures the sealing and cutting effect of the finished product.
The continuous liquid level controller and digital positioning valve are used to control the constant liquid level of the material tank. The stepper motor is used to control the continuous filling of the diaphragm valve with constant flow to ensure accurate filling.
Single station two-step sealing and cutting device (patented technology), which realizes the functions of heat sealing and slitting in a single station in one step, suitable for the application of various aluminum-plastic and paper-plastic composite packaging materials, greatly extending the finished product Effective shelf life.
The integrated CIP and SIP systems of the equipment ensure that the pipes and valves in contact with the materials are sterile during production.

Technical Parameters

6000 p/h (250ml)
6000 p/h (1000ml)
8400 p/h (250ml)
8000 p/h (100ml)
16000 p/h (100ml)
100-500 (ml)
500-1000 (ml)
100-500 (ml)
100-500 (ml)
100-500 (ml)
Package style
Pillow type bag, vertical type bag
Pillow bag
Pillow type bag, vertical type bag
Pillow bag
Pillow bag
Packaging Materials
Multilayer composite plastic film
Aluminum-plastic, paper-plastic composite film
Ultra-clean version
Clean version

* Parameters and functions are subject to change without notice.

* Yields will vary based on product characteristics.

* ● In the table, this function is available, and ○ is not available.



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