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Actively devote to “A total of five water treatment- waterborne action” and build “Clean water green shore” harmonious life

Number of visits: Date:2014-07-30

To actively response the call “A total of five water treatment” of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Zhejiang Provincial Government, to build the harmonious ecological environment of “Clean water green shore, harmonious relationship between human and water”, Gongshu District held a launching ceremony of “A total of five water treatment- waterborne action” and “Canal love – micro desire” centralized claim activity in canal square in the afternoon of April 17. The leaders of Hangzhou city and Gongshu district Cui Pengfei, Xu Ming, Zhu Jianming, Li Wei, Lu Jianbiao, Wang Jian, Chen Xi and the provincial and municipal leaders located in Gongshu District of supervision group attended the activity. The secretary of Gongshu District Party Committee Xu Ming made an important speech.


In this activity, Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd. took the initiative to donate love, claimed the micro desire of treating black-odor rivers, supported and invested the construction and operation of environmental protection infrastructure. Meanwhile, as the important part of economic and social development, the industrial representative of the city, Zhongya Machinery proposed all walks of life from the society to devote to sewage treatment, flood control, water-logging drainage, water supply retention and water hold actively on the launching ceremony, based on the spirit of being responsible

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