"Ten Musts" for Information Disclosure of Listed Companies

"Ten Musts" for Information Disclosure of Listed Companies

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  • Time of issue:2021-05-15
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"Ten Musts" for Information Disclosure of Listed Companies

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2021-05-15
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Disclosure concepts must be changed, major events must be announced, controlling shareholders must be announced, actual controllers must be cooperative, major bond information must be disclosed, acquisition disclosure must be detailed, directors and supervisors must be responsible, disclosed information must be fair, undisclosed information must be confidential, and voluntary disclosure must be required Be cautious and public promises must be kept

Listed companies voluntarily disclose "six must not"

Voluntary disclosure must not be arbitrary

Voluntary disclosure must not be made out of nothing

Voluntary disclosure cannot be avoided

Voluntary disclosure must not care about one and the other

Voluntary disclosure must not favor one another

Voluntary disclosure must not conceal evil intentions


"Five Things to Remember" in Securities Transactions for Related Personnel of Listed Companies

Short-term trading supervision upgrade-remember to take care of people around you

Escalation of the crackdown on insider trading-remember that playing with fire will lead to self-immolation

Upgrade of account real-name regulations-remember that borrowing is very responsible

Undisclosed information management and control upgrade-remember that everyone beats rats

Market manipulation penalties are escalated-remember that the maximum fine is tens of millions


Listed companies reduce their holdings in compliance with the "five prohibitions"

Shareholding reduction is forbidden to cut first and hear later-no pre-disclosure

Reducing holdings and banning fast walking-within the restricted period

Discrepancies between words and deeds are prohibited for share reduction-disclosing discrepancies

Reducing holdings prohibits arbitrary actions-exceeding the proportion

Reducing holdings and prohibiting contradiction-breach of promise


"Five Forbidden Zones" for controlling shareholders and actual controllers of listed companies

Occupation of funds, illegal guarantees-must catch

Insider manipulation, illegal reduction of holdings-if you step on the line, you must fight

East Tibet, West Tibet, delayed notification-concealment must be punished

Intervene in business and hinder independence-cross-border must be investigated

Words without faith, promises without action-failure of faith will be punished


"Eight Knows" for the Acquisition of Listed Companies

Disclosure of changes in equity-more stringent requirements should be known

Illegal increase in holdings-should be aware of restrictions on voting

Disclosure of the source of funds-should be aware of new obligations

Change the tender offer-should be aware and not arbitrarily

Acquiring similar shares-be aware of fair treatment

Locked after the acquisition-should be aware of the extension of the sales restriction

Exemption from tender offer-should be aware of permission cancellation

Consequences of illegal acquisitions-should be aware of penalties to increase

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